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Restoring Your Smile & Protecting Your Health

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Metal-Free Fillings
Tooth decay and cavities can lead to dental damage, pain, serious infection, and tooth loss. Our restorative services with metal-free fillings match the color of your tooth, using composite resin material, and help restore its health and function.
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Crowns & Bridges
A missing or damaged tooth affects your appearance and your oral health. We create custom crowns, AKA tooth covers, plus bridges to fill missing tooth gaps. Make your smile whole again plus eat and speak comfortably.
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Tooth loss doesn’t have to slow you down. Our life-like dentures replace missing teeth, whether it’s a full set or just a few. Enjoy a beautiful, functional smile with All-on-4 implant supported dentures or traditional denture options.
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Inlays & Onlays
Severely broken, damaged, or decayed teeth lack the structure your mouth needs. We place custom-crafted inlays and onlays as needed to cover and restore the cusp or areas in between cusps of damaged teeth.
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Full Mouth Restorations
Complete tooth loss due to gum disease, injury, or other issues, can be life-changing. Our Bloomington, MN dentist offers advanced full mouth reconstructions with dental implants to restore your beauty and function.
Experience comfortable dental care when you need it most.

Whether it’s fear holding you back from going to the dentist or you have an oral-related issue you don’t know how to tackle, we’re here for you. Our Bloomington, MN dentist offers sedation dentistry for a relaxing dental visit. Current patients also have access to emergency dental services for urgent care and a multitude of family dentistry services.

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Dental Implants

Make your smile complete again

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TMJ Treatment

Take control of your life and enjoy pain relief.

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Sleep Apnea

Sleep better, reduce snoring, and feel better.

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